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Levi Strauss & Co. 


Levi’s is loosing out on its share of the market due to new jean brands coming into play. We need to raise awareness of our brand and why we’re still around by making our heritage known in a way that can be interacted with in this modern era.


Knowing that the brand’s heritage is something that people connect with we decided to highlight just that, but in a modern way. Social media would be the heartbeat of this campaign and crowd sourced content would engage the audience and begin to raise awareness of the famous brand once again. We developed a non-traditional campaign that is based purely on content creation. 


The goal is to get more traffic to the website to win back the majority share of the market. The website shares a number of stories about the memories made in Levi’s. The mini documentaries will be released here and exclusive event information will be revealed. The website will also share more information with the visitors about how they can get involved and share their stories with the hashtag #MyMemory on social media.

Mini Documentaries

30 second mini documentaries will give more context to the memories made in Levi’s. They are relatable and inspire participation in the campaign.


Crowd sourced content from social media will be placed in places that memories are typically made. For example, double decker bus tours.


Trailer Content

Trailer content will peak the interest of our audience and will get them to click through to engage with longer format content. These trailer’s are the gateway to the campaign for the audience.


#MyMemory allows the opportunity for our target audience to get involved with the campaign by sharing their stories. We will crowd source this content for print and pick our favorites for mini documentaries.


Opportunityfor the event attendees to make new memories with Levi’s as the provider of those memories. We will feature many of the activities highlighted in our mini documentaries to aid in consistency.