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Sierra Club


Climate change is a proven problem as determined by the studies of 97% of scientists around the world. This is a known fact, yet little has been done to counteract the issues. Sierra Club would like to see an increase in the number of people actively making changes to slow the effects of climate change on the planet. 


We found that the parts of the world that contribute to climate change the most feel its effects the least. This makes it difficult for people to understand how imperitive it is that changes are made to their lifestyles. With this in mind we found ways to make climate change affect the lives of these people in very real ways that make them think about the things they do. We made climate change “hit home.”

New Technology

Augmented Reality will bring the audience into the reality of the regions currently being hit hard by the effects of climate change. 


Posts on social media will be simple. #WhileSuppliesLast will be the theme and the hashtag campaign. Photos that Sierra Club will post will feature a crop that is being impacted by climate change. Swipe right and you’ll see a devastated or non-existent version of that same crop. This will be striking and shareable.



Striking images will peak the viewer’s interest. After reading the copy the reader will understand the problem is real and will affect them in a future that is closer than they may think.

Landing Page

The landing page will act as the epicenter of the campaign. It is where all media touchpoints will direct the audience. It is here that we will be able to collect user data and allow for our audience to interact with our mission. They will be able to make real impact by seeing what each small thing they do does at scale in real time.