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With countless new listening devices on the market Bose needed to find a way to stand out. With high quality sound expected by their target market we needed to come up with a new message that highlighted the product in a way that is new.


What we came up with was definitely a unique approach to selling a listening device. We focused on selling the product by highlighting what you can’t hear when wearing the headphones.
    As we did this we found a unique opportunity to shine a spotlight on upcoming new artists. There is constantly a lot of noise present in the music industry and it is hard for new artists to get their voice heard. We change this unfortunate fact by amplifying their voices if they participate in a our social media campaign. Select artist would then be featured on the Bose website and officially be heard “through the noise.”



From there we would host live concerts that would provide an opportunity for these select artists to perform in front of an audience with already established artists that Bose currently partners with. Printed posters would promote these events alongside the social and web executions.